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Date: 4th January 2016
Schisandra Chinensis Extract

Basic information:
Latin name: Schisandra chinensis
Part used: The fruit of schisandra chinensis
Specification: 2% total Schizandrins
Appearance: Yellow Brown fine powder
CAS NO.: 7432-28-2
Test method: By UV
Molecular formula: C24H32O7
Molecular weight: 432.52
About Schisandra Chinensis :
The fruit of schisandra chinensis is full of nutrition and it is a valuable Chinese herbal medicine in China. Schisandra chinensis extract is made of dried ripe fruit of schisandra chinensis.
Schisandra chinensis extract contains lots of  deoxyschizandrin,γ-Schizandrin,schizandrin,aomisin, pseudo-r-schizandrin and so on. It mainly used in the treatment of diseases such as hepatitis, cough and night sweat.