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Date: 4th January 2016
Sophora Japonica Extract

Latin Name: Radix Acanthopanacis Senticosl
Part Used: Flower bud
Specification: 95% Rutin
Appearance: Yellow or light yellow green powder
CAS NO.: 153-18-4
Test Method: By HPLC
Molecular Formula: C27H30O16
Molecular Weight: 610.51
About Sophora Japonicaļ¼š
Its leaves have the effects of clearing liver and draining fire. Its fruits are beneficial to remove liver-fire for improving eyesight. Its root can be used to scatter stasis detumescence.
Function and Application:
Quercetin has a good expectorant,antitussive effect.
Quercetin was used for the treatment of chronic bronchitis.
Quercetin can also reduce blood pressure,enhancethe capillary resistance,reduce capillary fragility,lowering blood lipid,dilating coronary artery,and increase the coronary blood flow and so on.
Application: Health care products; Food