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Date: 4th January 2016
Wild Chrysanthemum Extract

About Wild Chrysanthemum:
Wild Chrysanthemum exists widely in many provinces such as Shaanxi, Hebei, Henan and Jilin.
It usually grows in the deep places like hillsides, roadside and grassland.
It is one kind of perennial herbs and it is slightly cold and has the effects in dispelling the heat and wind.
It can also remove the toxicity for detumescence.
Function and Application:
1.Wild Chrysanthemum extract has the effects in the anti-aging and decreasing the blood pressure.
2. Wild Chrysanthemum extract can cure the dysentery and hepatitis.
3. Wild Chrysanthemum extract has the effect of anti-fatigue.
4. Wild Chrysanthemum extract has the inhibition of blood sugar.